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Experience cutting-edge tablet technology with EE and choose from a number of brands, models and price plans.

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  1. Apple iPad Mini 4

    Apple iPad Mini 4

    Upfront cost from £29.99
    From £55 per month

  2. Apple iPad Pro 12.9"

    Apple iPad Pro 12.9"

    Upfront cost from £49.99
    From £70 per month

Tablets on EE

EE offers a wide variety of tablet PCs, with both Android and iOS represented. Whether you’re an Apple user or prefer Android, EE offers great deals on whatever your preference, as well as a number of own brand models.

Buying a tablet with EE also ensures you’ll experience some of the best value 4G available on the market, with a huge amount of plans available for all types of user. Whether you’re a heavy browser or just need to check emails on the road, there’s a data plan for you.

The latest models

Regardless of what operating system you prefer, EE carries all the newest models of the best tablets on the market. If you’re an Apple fan, you can choose from variations of both the new iPad Air or the iPad Mini. If you prefer the Android OS, try the Samsung Galaxy Tab range: Samsung’s tablet version of the popular smartphone series.

EE also offers its own brand of tablets, with the Harrier Tab and Eagle both proving worthwhile alternatives to the standard brands. Running off Android, these stylish tablets let you perform all the tasks you can on an iPad or Galaxy, at a much smaller price tag.

UK’s fastest mobile broadband

Buy a tablet with EE and you’ll be granted access to one of the best mobile broadband networks in the UK. EE 4GEE lets you browse at the same speeds as home broadband, anywhere you are. This includes functions such as web browsing, email, music downloads and video streaming.

Users can also change the data allowance to suit them specifically. If you use your tablet as a working tool, you can opt into a large 10GB data allowance and not worry about going over the limit. If you’re a home user, you can also choose a simple 2GB, perfect for occasional on the road use.

Price plans to suit you

EE tablets allow you to take a monthly data plan along with your device. Depending on the amount of data you opt for, your monthly plan will vary in price. This ranges from £11 per month for a 2GB allowance on a 16GB iPad, to £48 for 10GB and a huge 128GB of memory.

Buyers will also be required to pay an upfront cost, but this can vary depending on what model you go for. EE also offers refurbished models of the best known devices on the market, meaning you can pick up a second hand bargain.