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Pay As You Go on EE Mobile

Pay as you go on EE gives you more freedom, and with the PAYG packs you can get plenty of calls, texts and data loaded with a single top-up.


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Current Pay As You Go products available on EE Mobiles

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  1. Alcatel Onetouch 10.16G

    Alcatel Onetouch 10.16G

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  2. EE 4GEE WiFi

    EE 4GEE WiFi

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  3. EE 4GEE WiFi Mini

    EE 4GEE WiFi Mini

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  4. EE Buzzard 2

    EE Buzzard 2

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EE PAYG – Pay as you go packs from EE

Pay as you go gives you more control over exactly what you spend, and there’s no long-term commitment because there’s no contract.
EE still looks to give customers great value and generous allowances, no matter what type of phone plan they choose, and with pay as you go a customer can activate a pack with their top-up.

These packs include an allowance that last for a given time, and then after that you can always top up more, or choose a different pack.  If you want one of these packs then you can select it when you buy a pay as you go phone or SIM.  Alternatively, you can get one later via the My EE app, My Account online or texting ALL PACKs to 150.

Choose a pack that suits you

There are different packs on offer from EE, so you can easily choose something ideally suited to your usage.  The Everything Packs feature unlimited texts, with 150-1000 minutes available, alongside 500MB-4GB of data, and they last 30 days.

A Talk and Text Pack excludes data, so they are best for PAYG customers who don’t go online.  Get unlimited texts with 250 or 750 minutes, or choose the simple, ultra-cheap £1 pack which last 7 days, and offers 25 minutes with 50 texts.

There’s also the Data Pack, which focuses mainly on data, with just a few minutes and texts included.  Get 100MB of data to last 7 days, or 1GB over 30 days, and with 4GEE you’ll be able to access superfast mobile internet.

Low-cost pay as you go phones

If you’re just looking for basic phone with a few features, then EE offers a cheap price on durable, reliable phones ideal for pay as you go.  Anything from the classic candybar model to an entry-level smartphone with a touchscreen; you can find something that won’t cost much, boasts great battery life and is built to last.