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Good As New From EE Mobile

EE Good As New

EE Good As New – Pay less for the latest smartphones and tablets

EE Good As New is a product resell scheme offered by the network provider, and because the products have previously been purchased and returned, they are offered at a cheaper price.  They are not resold as faulty or damaged, and are simply items returned under the original terms and conditions, and as long as they meet the criteria, they can be offered for cheaper under the scheme.

Returned devices resold by EE

If a customer returns a product within the 14-day period allowed, then it is checked thoroughly for any issues, such as cosmetic damage, and then the data is wiped with factory settings restored.  After this it can be shrink-wrapped and resold with EE Good As New, along with any accessories and instructions which were originally supplied as part of the product.

Genuinely good as new

As the items are inspected and checked by EE, and have only been with the original purchaser for a matter of days, they really are being resold good as new.  The tablet or smartphone’s condition, software, functionality and packaging should all be of a standard that is indistinguishable from a brand new product, and if there are any issues then there is the standard manufacturer’s warranty which still applies.

Pay monthly

The vast majority of EE Good As New products are sold on pay monthly deals, with a monthly plan that offers call, texts and data with EE.  Sometimes there are pay as you go options, but with pay monthly you’re getting great value with generous allowances and a discount on one of the latest tablet or smartphone releases.

4G connectivity

With EE you are getting access to the UK’s biggest and fastest network, with superfast download speeds on mobile devices thanks to 4G.  Whenever 4G is not available, you will revert to 3G, with around 98% coverage in the UK, so you can rely on staying connected.

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