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Free SIM From EE Mobile

Free SIM card

EE Free SIM – Calls, texts and data on a pay as you go SIM card

A free SIM from EE gives you calls, texts and data, activated through your pay as you go top-up.  The SIM is sent through the post, and you just have to pick the pay as you go pack which best suits your usage.  There’s no contract, commitment or long-term tariff, and you’re free to move between packs as well.

The SIM slots into your existing phone, or a new one you buy outright, and then you can have total control over how much you spend, as well as how much you use.

Pay as you go packs

The pay as you packs give the chance to pick something ideally suited to your smartphone activity.  The Everything Pack gives you unlimited texts, with plenty of calls and data on 4G, while the Talk & Text Pack drops the data, so it’s a good choice for those who hardly use the web.

There’s also the Data Pack, which loads a huge allowance of data onto your SIM, with some calls and texts included, making it the perfect choice for those who mainly stream and download from their phone.

The packs can last 7 or 30 days, and there may be online exclusive packs available as well.

Switch to EE from Orange or T-Mobile

Orange and T-Mobile operate using EE’s network, so it’s easy to switch, and with EE you’ll be able to keep your existing number, your phone and any remaining credit.  Switching to EE is quick and easy, and you could get a lot more from your top up.

Superfast 4GEE

Using EE’s network gives you access to superfast 4GEE, which means quicker downloads, streaming and web browsing.  Your smartphone or tablet will be able to connect to the UK’s biggest and fastest network on the go, and even when there is no 4G coverage you’ll revert to 3G and still enjoy fast connectivity.

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