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With mobile broadband from EE you can connect your device to the provider’s massive 4G network for superfast internet access on the go.

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Current Mobile Broadband products available on EE Mobiles

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  1. EE 4GEE WiFi

    EE 4GEE WiFi

    Upfront cost from FREE
    From £23 per month

  2. EE 4GEE WiFi Mini

    EE 4GEE WiFi Mini

    Upfront cost from FREE
    From £23 per month

  3. EE Buzzard 2

    EE Buzzard 2

    Upfront cost from FREE
    From £12 per month

4GEE WiFi – Broadband on the go with EE

4GEE WiFi is EE’s version of mobile broadband, allowing customers to access the provider’s massive 3G and 4G networks for mobile internet on the go.  There are different ways to get mobile broadband, such as dongles and WiFi hotspots, and with a 4GEE WiFi deal you can get loads of monthly data for competitive price.

There are 12- and 24-month plans available on mobile broadband devices that are 4G-ready, and whenever you can’t access 4G your connection will revert to 3G, so you can still get fast, reliable download speed while you’re out and about.

Portable WiFi hotspots

The 4GEE WiFi hotspots are a smart, innovative way to get onto the 4G network with your laptop or tablet.  The portable device acts as a connection hub, and you can usually connect a number of devices.

Remember that the amount of data you have in your plan will be used by every connected device.  If you expect to connect lots of devices regularly then make sure you have enough monthly data in your plan.

4GEE on the road

You can also get a portable 4GEE WiFi hotspot for your car; simply plug the hotspot into the dashboard and get WiFi in your car.  It helps to keep kids and passengers entertained, and EE’s network coverage is massive, so you’ll be able to connect on roads throughout the UK.

With a portable WiFi hotspot, you can get superfast speeds on the go, and that means buffer-free streaming, quick downloads and seamless web browsing.

Dongles & SIMs

Mobile broadband dongles come preloaded with data, and all you have to do is insert them into the USB port of your laptop, and you’re ready to connect to 4GEE.  Dongles are smart, easily portable and low-cost, so they are a great option for mobile broadband.

A SIM deal on mobile broadband can mean just the SIM alone, coming preloaded with data, or you can a tablet and SIM combo on a monthly plan.