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Our Help & Advice section gives you more information about EE, 4G and the mobile industry.

EE Mobile Shop - Help & Advice

EE Mobile Shop is designed to provide you with the latest deals on phones, pay as you go, SIM Only and mobile broadband from EE.  The website is also a useful information resource, with articles added that could provide help and advice relating to EE, 4G or the mobile industry.

EE coverage checker

We offer a coverage checker which identifies 4G network availability throughout the UK.  You can use this to find out whether your local area can benefit from the superfast download speeds of 4G.

The checker also shows 3G and 2G; these are slower networks, although 3G is still fast enough for some streaming and fairly quick downloads, and a 4GEE customer will revert to these networks when the fastest option is not available.
EE phone deals

Once you’ve checked for coverage, you can use EE Mobile Shop to compare EE deals.  If you see a pay monthly, pay as you go, SIM Only or 4GEE WiFi deal you’d like to buy, then you can follow the quick link and order direct with the network provider.