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EE Mobile Broadband - A guide to EE 4GEE Wi-Fi devices

What are Mobile Broadband 4GEE Wi-Fi Devices?

With EE’s 4GEE Wi-Fi devices, you can keep connected on the go through fast mobile broadband. These devices use 4G to provide a personal Wi-Fi network that has the ability to provide EE Mobile Broadband for smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Depending on your use, 4G devices can come in various different forms. Whether it’s connected your own personal laptop or providing internet for a whole car full of people, EE’s 4GEE Wi-Fi devices are varied enough to cater for all needs. 


The very first iteration of mobile broadband, the dongle has recently fallen out of the market somewhat thanks to the rise of more powerful devices. They’re still available however, and can be perfect for those looking for an ultra-portable and personal solution to mobile broadband.

Dongles are essentially USB drives that, when plugged into a laptop computer, can connect online via 3G. These are ideal for those looking to get work done whilst travelling, as the simple plug in a play use means you won’t have to set up.

As the majority of dongle still work only run on 3G, they’re ideal for simple browsing, work and checking emails. 


For the best 4G experience when travelling, devices like EE’s Osprey and Osprey Mini represent the best the mobile broadband market has to offer. Unlike a dongle, users can connect up to 10 devices at a time with just one unit. This includes laptops, smartphones and tablets. 

Another advantage the Osprey has over a dongle is its superior 4G speed. With this, users can perform a huge amount of online tasks without any latency, including streaming video, downloading and browsing. As well as this, devices like the Osprey can provide mobile broadband for up to 20 hours from a single charge. 

The Osprey is easy to use, too. Simply turn it on, look for it in the Wi-Fi settings of whatever device you want to connect and select it like any other router. 


Devices such as the EE Buzzard work in a similar way to standard 4G mobile broadband units, but specifically catered for in-car use. The Buzzard plugs directly into your car’s dashboard, meaning you won’t have to charge it before, after or during your journey. Using the Buzzard, you can make your car into your own personal mobile broadband hotspot. 

Despite its smaller size EE Buzzard features all the capabilities of other 4G devices. Users will be able to watch videos on YouTube, post to Facebook and browse Twitter, all whilst travelling. Rather than having to rely on standard 4G when driving, which can be spotty in rural areas, the Buzzard gives you a reliable and strong connection wherever you are. Plus, its lack of battery life ensures it won’t cut out half way through the journey.