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EE Mobile Shop - A guide to 4GEE

What is 4GEE?

4GEE is EE’s exclusive mobile broadband network, allowing subscribers to get connected online wherever they go. Previously, the UK has seen 2G and 3G networks become the norm, with slow speeds, unreliable connections and low coverage making it difficult to get online when out and about. With 4G, phone, tablet and laptop users can experience an internet connection that’s similar to or even better than a home broadband connection. 

4G makes doing everything on the go easier. Whether it’s accessing Google Maps, browsing Facebook or streaming music via Spotify 4G from EE can handle it all, with different tier of allowances available depending on how much you use. Whilst these things would have been impossible with 2G and 3G connections, 4G now allows you to have a seamless online experience on the go. 

Phones, tablets and devices 

In order to use 4G, you’ll need a 4G-compatible phone. Modern smartphones are all able to connect to 4G networks, with EE offering mobile broadband deals as a part of all its smartphone packages.

As well as smartphones, tablets are also able to connect to 4G. EE offers a number of 4G compatible tablets with data plans that allow you to connect anywhere you are. Simply choose a tablet and a data allowance that suits you and you can enjoy browsing without limits.

EE also offers a range of “Mi-Fi” devices, which let users set up their own 4G hotspots. Perfect for travelling, these devices can connect smartphones, tablets and even laptops to the internet, with 10 devices able to connect at the same time.

The biggest and fastest network 

4G from EE is an award winning service, with multiple accolades to show that is has the fastest and most reliable network in the UK. 

Whereas with some providers, coverage in rural or remote areas can be spotty, EE ensures that 80% of the UK is covered by its 4G network. This means that users will be able to connect to 4G in the vast majority of cases. Also, with a 3G coverage rate of 98%, there’s always back-up in the event of hard-to-reach 4G. 

EE is also investing heavily in order to improve its coverage further, with £1.5 million a day going into allowing customers in more rural parts of the country to enjoy a more reliable network.

4G + 

Looking to the future, EE is currently implementing ‘4G+’, a revolutionary new network which it aims to eventually roll out for the whole of the UK. Using 4G+, subscribers will be able to access speeds of up to 90Mbps - something most home broadband connections can’t manage. 

Currently, this feature is only available to customers in central London, but EE plans to rollout the upgrade to the rest of the country in the coming years.