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EE Mobiles - All The Latest EE Mobile Phones, Deals & Offers

EE Mobiles brings you the latest offers from leading mobile network provider EE, and is designed to make your smartphone shop simple.  Through our website you can easily search brand new smartphones available through the EE network, as well as price plans, SIM Only deals and mobile broadband.

You can see our top deals, with the biggest smartphone releases from manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, Sony, HTC and LG, all offered with a competitive contract from EE.  We’ll let users know about the most eye-catching offers right now, and make it easy to search a wider list of phones, in case you have a certain one in mind.

You get all the information you need, including price and details about the phone.  We offer a quick overview of the phone so you can find  out more about the features, and we link directly to EE so once you’ve made your choice you can then purchase directly with the network provider.

Smartphone plans packed with calls, texts and data

The pay monthly plans from EE are great value for money, giving you huge allowances which renew every month.  Every plan includes unlimited texts, and then you have the option of unlimited minutes, or minutes capped at 1000 or 500 a month, so it’s easy to find something that fits with your usual usage.  For data, EE offers anything from 500MB to 20GB each month, and if you choose a 4GEE Extra plan then you get double speed and double data.

Normal speed for 4G is up to 30Mbps, which is fast for mobile web browsing, but with 4GEE Extra this goes up to 60Mpbs.  With plenty of data in your plan, you are free to browse, download, video chat and stream on the go whenever you’re connected to the EE 4G network.

The biggest 4G network for internet on the go

EE offers the biggest 4G network in the UK, with more than 80% coverage, whilst the provider’s 3G network has reached 98%.  With 4GEE you can use superfast web speeds on your mobile, making internet on the go a much better experience.  From Google Maps and email to social networks and video streaming, 4G makes it quicker, and even if you move out of 4G coverage, you will revert to 3G and still be able to use a strong, fast web connection while you’re out and about.

EE has won and shared the highest UK ranking for network speed as well, according to RootMetrics®, and received recognition for network reliability from the same source.  EE is also looking to the future, testing faster speeds and trialling 4G+.

Great value deals on 4GEE SIM Only

With SIM Only you can keep your phone, or buy a new one outright, and then get a cheap monthly plan for your calls, texts and data.  The deal is cheaper because you aren’t paying off the additional cost of a new smartphone.  Choose from 12-month and 30-day rolling plans, with plenty of choice.

Have as little as 250MB of data, or as much as 10GB, with unlimited texts and the option of unlimited minutes.  There’s also EE’s Pay As You Go SIM, with different packs available and activated through your top-up.

Get a portable WiFi hotspot with 4GEE WiFi

4GEE WiFi is mobile broadband from EE, letting you take WiFi away with you so you can connect a laptop or tablet on the go.  EE has different devices which act as a portable WiFi hotspot, and you can pay monthly or pay as you go.

As long as you are in an area covered by EE’s 3G or 4G network, you will be able to connect and use the portable hotspot.  If 4G isn’t available, then the connection will just revert to 3G.

There are different plans available with 4GEE WiFi, and you can use the hotspots to connect multiple devices.